12 Most Memorable Reality TV Contestants

Reality TV attracts all sorts of people who appear on the various shows with every intention of competing for money, love, and (ultimately) fame. While some crumble under the pressure and others fizzle out before they get a chance to shine, there are those who we will simply never forget for one reason or another, including these 12 who are among the most memorable reality TV contestants of all time.

12. “Boston Rob” Mariano, Survivor and The Amazing Race

“Boston Rob” Mariano had a wild ride when it came to the world of reality TV. One of the first to truly stand out among the bunch, Mariano started out on Survivor and ended up appearing on the series a total of four times before finally winning the big prize. He also appeared on The Amazing Race twice with his wife Amber, who was another Survivor alum. First coming across as somewhat of a villain, he turned out just to be super crafty about the challenges he faced on each show, knowing exactly how to manipulate the situation (and often times, other contestants) to his advantage.

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11. Omarosa, The Apprentice

What’s called leadership, drive, and ambition in men is often called bossiness and, er, b*tchiness when women display the very same qualities. While this could definitely apply to Omarosa and her time on The Apprentice, her cut-throat ways were certainly something other contestants needed to be wary of at all times. Seriously, this woman took no prisoners and would let no one get in her way. It’s one of the reasons people can’t stand her, but it’s also one reason she’s such an intriguing character and certainly makes her one of the most memorable reality TV contestants to ever compete.

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