9 Popular TV Series That Were Originally Supposed To Be Movies

When it comes to creating a hit film or TV series, one of the biggest concerns is how to tell the entire story properly. Coming up with an original story for the next big Hollywood film is difficult, but the same could be said for a new TV series and what fans don’t know is that some of their favorite shows weren’t even supposed to be shows at all! There have been quite a few times when some of the most popular shows of recent years were actually pitched as movies before somebody realized how much better they could be if turned into an entire series instead. Here are 9 popular series that were first imagined as movies:

9. Riverdale

With many of its hit shows ending, The CW was in need of a gripping new teen series when it picked up Riverdale. Using the beloved Archie comic characters, and a mix of talented new stars and beloved Hollywood veterans the show was an immediate success, but at first it wasn’t even supposed to be a show at all. In 2013, Warner Bros. picked up the idea for an Archie movie after receiving a pitch from writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and director Jason Moore. The film was imagined as a teen comedy reminiscent of the John Hughes’ classic films from the ’80s; however, as Warner Bros. began focusing on its bigger films, the Archie movie got left behind. Eventually Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa reimagined the film for TV and Riverdale was born. Riverdale began development at Fox in 2014, but the network soon dropped the project and, finally in 2015, the show was moved to The CW.

Source: CW


8. Pitch

In the fall of 2016, Fox took a leap with its new series Pitch which told the story of the first woman to ever play in the MLB. While the unique premise seemed like a definite hit, the series was cancelled after the first season, and may be one of the few that possibly could have done better as a film, which was the creator’s original intention. Producer Dan Fogelman was introduced to the project via writer Rick Singer and producer and director Tony Bill, but none of them thought of it as a series at first. “They had been developing this for a long time as a movie. They’re huge baseball junkies themselves. I’d first talked to Tony about it as a film and I realized as my deal was coming over to 20th Century Fox Television that it might be a nice fit as a TV series,” Fogelman explained on how he took Pitch from a movie to a Fox series.

Source: Fox

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