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Emma Roberts is one of the few actresses that grew up in the limelight and has transitioned from an innocent tween to a fashion queen through her progression into adulthood. Although her name typically conjures images of her days on the sets of Nancy Drew and Aquamarine, her style has significantly evolved from that of a child star into the sophisticated style guru she is today. Her Instagram showcases her love for solid, neutral colors, but also proves the star has a knack for styling her looks to appear anything but basic. From childhood star to mature 26-year old actress, follow along as we track Emma Roberts’ style evolution throughout the years:

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory Premiere — 2005

In one of her earliest debuts, Emma Roberts stepped up in all her pre-teen glory at the premiere of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in 2005. Her innocence is obviously apparent, but she still appears put together and chic. Although we wouldn’t typically recommend a graphic tee for a film premiere, the hot pink color in contrast with her metallic bag is perfectly youthful; however, we can’t say say the same for her oversized jeans. Her pants definitely could have been tailored to fit Roberts’ petite frame and hemmed rather than dragging sloppily around her feet.

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Aquamarine Premiere — 2006

Approximately a year later, Emma Roberts stepped out at the premiere of successful teen film Aquamarine in which she played one of the leading roles. Her dress was sweet and appropriate for her age, but we can’t label this a remarkable style moment by any means. She played it safe with the knee-length dress, ringlet curls and perfectly coordinating sandals, but it’s very clear that her signature style has yet to evolve.

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